Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tips for Students

Usually during exam fever we spend most of the time studying ,reading, memorizing and the problem do lies when the next step appears. Recalling… and yet that was the part all of us had to do in exams. The word ‘blank’ and ‘hentam jelah’ and ‘tulis je pape’ or ‘lupa la’ happens if this process failed. So here are a few tips how to remember what have you studied.

Firstly, it requires a lot of sincerity during studying and blessing from God. So before studying, renew your purposes of studying back. Study to know and not for exams.
Make learning interesting by using all our 5 senses. Which are:
  • Sight              83%
  • Hearing         11%
  • Smell             3.5%
  • Taste             1.1%
  • Touch            1.5%

There are many steps of learning which includes reading, synthesizing, analysis and evaluation. So to have a good and solid understanding here are some useful tips:
  • Review notes and reading frequently ,so the material is fresh.
  • As you are reading your text or reviewing your notes, generate and write down question about the material.
  • Keep track of any term that you need to know. Mark these on separate notes and title it a “must know list”
  • Classify your list of notes into these four categories which are “must know, good to know. Must see, good to see”. This will help in highlight which subject need to be emphasized over and over again.
And lastly the do’s and don’ts of studying…
The do’s
  • Prepare before any lecture or tutorial
  • Practise output learning
  • Start studying with a prayer
  • Smile while studying
  • Ensure conducive environment  -green and yellow colours been proven to be stimulating and able to enhance learning
  • While reading use your index finger to point at the lines in the book or to underline to remain focused and concentrates.
The don’ts
  • Studying while lying down
  • Study with music on
  • Being absent from any lectures or tutorial
  • Study passively
  • Read only, with no pencil/pen to scribble.

(An extraction from “how to become a good and successful medical student” by Dr. Muhaya Haji Muhammad.)

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